Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ming Has Arrived

Apparently my boss has decided to pursue a strategy of attrition by videos. He now has me creating and editing videos designed to wear down the Human's resolve to stop the Emperor's Light Speed Corridor project. Check out the videos here!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Meeting With Lor-et-ta


This is Wanda aboard his most loftyness's Royal Light Ship, and I thought you might like to read about my first meeting with the so called alien scientists aboard Ghost. Actually I only met them all once, but sat down to listen to Human music and talk with only Lor-et-ta.

You may be as surprised as I was to learn that they are not the lunatics that Emperor Ming likes to promote them as. We must realize that Ming has an agenda working here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Wraiths of Time

A Ship Called Ghost

I suppose it is only natural that most of you Humans are focused on Ming and the alien scientists, after all, there is much controversy surrounding them all. But I thought that the Humans on the third planet should be aware of the fact that one of the greatest mysteries in the Universe is here in your star system. No, it is not Ming himself, there is little mystery about the Emperor, trust me, I know, I'm his executive assistant.
No, the mystery surrounds the ship that the alien scientists arrived here in. The ship is a living creature, or more correctly, he is a natural phenomenon of time/space. His species are known by the carbon based life forms in the Universe as Wraiths of Time.

Wraiths of Time

They were first encountered when carbon based life forms began to venture beyond the limits of their galaxies into what was then perceived as empty space. The first encounter was in fact an accident. One of the first long duration vessels fell victim to technical difficulties and their life support was failing when suddenly members of the crew began to experience telepathic communications from an unknown source. They were being asked if they were having problems and when some of the crew got passed the idea that they were going crazy, they answered yes and tried to explain that they needed air and water.

They almost died before succeeding in communicating what these things were to the inquirer. Success finally came when a series of things began to appear and disappear until when the right thing appeared, the crew would send a strong affirmative signal back. In time, their communication skills improved and they were able to explain their journey to the listener including their destination, at which point their vessel began to travel at an alarming speed and a hundred year trip turned into a month.

Curiosity and Lonliness

What we do know about the Wraiths of Time is that they are not carbon based or organic forms of life. No one knows what they are for sure, but the latest theory is that they are energy based life forms. In other words, conscious energy. Which doesn't seem to matter when it comes to common needs and it seems that the Wraiths share the need to know and understand and make contact with others.

Generally they are not forthcoming with information about themselves or their species. Many in the Universe believe that they possess unimaginable powers and I am one of those. And if that's not enough mystery for you, here's two more. While it is true that there were some in the Universe who overreacted to the fact that the scientists aboard Ghost began to exhibit strange behavior like changing their names based on different ifluences of the Human culture that they were studying such as Rock and Roll music among others, the really astonishing thing was that a Wraith of Time had given himself a name.

Another thing that seems strange to me only now as I am thinkin about this, is the fact that few carbon based life forms who travel in ships, ever realize that the ship they are in is a living being. Even the Emperor's royal light ship is a Wraith, but somehow no one seems to be aware of that fact. And now that I think about it, the Wraith doesn't try to make contact either. I am now wondering why things are so different on the scientists ship? They all seem to think of the Wraith as a member of the crew. Mysteries within mysteries are unfolding, I must talk with Get Back Lor-ret-ta, one of the scientists, about this phenomenon.

And That's Not All

This Wriath that brought the scientists to your star system took the name Ghost and began to take an interest in the Human that the scientists had made contact with to help with their survival here in your star system when they were isolated here due to political agendas back home. They named this Human the Creator and I only met him recently myself and he is not typical of his species, in fact, I believe that under normal circumstances he would be locked up.

Yet Ghost and the Creator have formed a deep bond that to anyones knowledge is unique in the Universe. This of course has set the rumor mill into hyper drive and focused even more attention on your otherwise insignifcant star system and has created even more problems for Ming by delaying the destruction of your star system in order to make way for his Light Speed Corridor project.

The Most Popular Rumor

The most popular rumor has to do with an ancient prophesy that for some unknown reason is also associated with the Wraiths of Time. This prophesy tells of the comming of a carbon based organic species with god like powers such as the ability to convert energy into any objective manifestation, and it is also generally believed that the Wriaths of Time have been looking for this species since they encountered carbon based organic life forms so long ago. What makes all this so believable is the fact that the Wraiths are able to do just that, convert energy into physical realities, ...... with certain limiatations. The Wraiths of Time have not yet been able to create organic life out of energy.

Just thought you might like to know about one of the visitors to your star system.

Wanda Wherewithal